10 Reasons Why Does Organic Food Taste Better & Healthy

Pesticides agriculture versus organic farming. What is better? This is a rhetorical question because almost everyone, except the farmer who earns his bread with pesticides farming, will answer that organic farming is better for people and the environment. This article contains 10 arguments which show that pesticides are a lamentable stinker of our society. It leads to environmental pollution and cancer.

Reasons Why Does Organic Food Taste Better and Healthy

1. No Pesticides

Organic food is unsprayed. That means you can eat the peel of apples and potatoes. Of Regular fruit It is incredibly unhealthy to eat the rind. There are pesticides that you do not get with washing. Some people wash their fruits and vegetables with salt water. Even that offers no guarantee. Tomatoes, pear, eggplants, and strawberries are known to pass the pesticides through the skin.

2. More Nutrients

If you peel the eat you throw less of the fruit away. This means that the total waste mountain is reduced, but that is not the most important thing for you personally. In and just below the shell are almost always the most nutrients. A peeled apple is unhealthier than an unpeeled apple. The fact that you can eat organic fruit without peeling ensures that you get more vitamins, minerals, nutrients and amino acids inside.

Peeling takes time. In a world where everything revolves around speed and where it seems as if we have less time to do things every day, this is a significant factor. Organic fruit is more comfortable to eat. It may be slightly more expensive, but this price difference is somewhat reduced by not throwing the skin away and consuming 10% more of the fruit.

3. Biological Is Not Genetically Manipulated

Organic food is not genetically manipulated like all pesticides crops. Nowadays crops are specially cultivated to require pesticides to grow. Without pesticides, They are just dying. A major pesticide producer is Monsanto. In the Past, many in the Monsanto believed that crops were grown where extra vitamins were contained.

That has proven to be nonsense. One grows crops that are only still using Monsanto’s pesticide Roundup grow. On Wikipedia, this is called the Roundup crops. Pesticides crops eventually end up in our stomachs. Who knows what Frankenstein food will eat our children when this development continues. So If you don’t want to be part of the current global Genetic Manipulation experiment What is being held among humanity, go to the organic store.

4. Organic Is More Delicious

Organic food is just delicious. Perhaps This is the most critical factor in moving towards an ecological society. You have to say to go back to environmental society, because the current agricultural production through pesticides is only short, not even 100 years.

5. Workers Are Not Exposed to Poison

When everyone would eat organically, the workers in the fruit sector no longer work with poison. For working conditions, it is better to eat green fruit. More importantly, agricultural land is not ruined by poison. This makes the whole earth look better. Organic Fruit food is better for the environment. Moreover, it is better for the health of the farmer and his workers.

6. Sickness Costs Fall

Because Organic fruit is healthier, you get sick less quickly. That ultimately saves on medical care costs. Scientific research has shown that the use of pesticides causes the fruit to produce fewer amino acids, fewer vitamins, and fewer minerals. When everyone would switch to organic fruit the costs for health care fall.

7. Cost of Water Extraction Decline

Industrial, agricultural production produces many pesticides in the water. These eventually all come to the pipeline companies. All Kinds Of Artifice must be used to fish this pure poison from the water. High costs are involved. When everyone would pass on organic food, these costs are falling, and the price of drinking water can be reduced significantly.

8. Small-Scale Agriculture Better for Society

One important reason to prefer ecological food to pesticides vegetables and fruit is to support small family farms. You give small businesses a fair chance. In the current industrial agricultural system, you can only survive if you cultivate something on a large scale.

For the environment, it is better if there are many different crops on a piece of land. This has the additional advantage that the products do not have to go a long way to the shops. That will save back fuel, time and money. It is also better for the environment. Small-Scale agriculture is better for society in many ways.

9. Cancer Epidemic Can Come Through Pesticides Agriculture

Farmers who work with pesticides do so exclusively from a profit point of view. It will be a concern if people get cancer from pesticides. It is a real possibility that the current cancer epidemic mostly is caused by agricultural pesticides.

10. Pesticides Agriculture Affects Biodiversity

Pesticides farmers commit monocultures to lay. This means that only one product is grown on a large scale. That is very bad for biodiversity. Moreover, pesticides ensure that naturally occurring crops no longer have the chance to grow. This is a second reason For affecting biodiversity.


When governments took it seriously with the world and the problems of profit-seeking, it would have long since switched to a world where organic farming is preferred. Governments could start not to levy a tax on natural products so that they become as expensive as pesticides products.

This would provide cost savings in health care, environmental issues, and water extraction, as shown in the above mentioned points. In the End, everyone gets better. Pesticides agriculture companies are robbing the Earth. The Government is subsidizing pesticides in greenhouse horticulture.