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These companies signed a letter supporting the Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee recommendation to eat a more plant-based diet:

AB Foods / Match: plant meats for food service and restaurants

Better Bean Company: freshly prepared beans

Chicago Vegan Foods: vegan cheeses and treats

Daiya Foods: dairy-free cheeses, yogurts, and desserts

Follow Your Heart: eggless mayonnaise and dairy-free cheeses since 1970

Emmy’s Organics: organic, gluten-free, dairy-free, and soy-free snacks

Field Roast Grain Meat Co.: artisan vegan grain meats and cheeses since 1997

Fig Food Company: organic beans and soups

Fruit Bliss: organic, rehydrated fruit snacks

Heidi Ho Organics: dairy-free soft cheeses

Lightlife Foods: plant meats and tempeh since 1979

Miyoko’s Kitchen: artisan dairy-free cheeses

Next Level Burger: organic, plant-based restaurant

No Evil Foods: small-batch, organic plant meats

Prosperity Organic Foods / Melt: dairy-free, soy-free organic spreads

OMilk: almond and cashew milks

Real Food Daily: organic, plant-based restaurant with three locations

Sweet Earth Natural Foods: plant-based burgers, burritos, and seitan (wheat-based)

Taft Foodmasters: seitan (wheat-based) burritos, gyro, and shawarma sandwiches

The Tofurky Company: tofu and tempeh foods since 1980

Tomato Sushi: eco-friendly alternative to raw tuna

Upton’s Naturals: seitan (wheat-based) foods

Michele Simon, coalition leader: / 510-465-0322

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